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First Session with the Master | The Mind

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

2 years ago.....

"Why so serious? Life is so momentary that there's nothing to be super serious about.", Sir said.

As I sat down and held a pen to write about the discussions yesterday, this was the first line that came to my mind. Well, I just used the word 'mind' here and I recall, one of the topics Sir spoke about and we discussed yesterday was the mind itself.

He questioned me,"What is the mind?"

Though, I don't vividly remember what my reply was but all I could understand through the discussions we had yesterday, I'll just pen down here.

Mind is a collection of thoughts, ideas, perceptions about all the things I see, my wishes, feelings, emotions, my past memories, experiences and my little realisations and conclusions. In short, the mind is a huge collection of all the above things and more, which I'm not aware of right now. I think that my mind influences my physical and mental state of being which also somewhere reflects in my atmosphere or as Sir calls it, Aura.

Now, since, all the things mentioned are super-momentary and temporary, they can be changed or influenced in a snap of fingers. So, mind in turn is also insignificant when we talk about actual 'Existence', 'Real-Self', the Source, or the 'Truth'; all of which I've just heard from Sir.

Hence, emotions such as happiness and sadness are as insignificant and worthless as a grain of sand or the chicken dinner in PUBG. Things arising from illusions and fallacies are themselves bigger illusions and fallacies. Since, mind is itself an illusion/delusion that I have created for myself or which has originated from the conditioning and atmosphere, all things arising from it are illusions too.

The thoughts or ideas, 'Am I happy?','Am I sad?','Am I feeling alright?','Am I satisfied with life?' are themselves worthless because they arise out of the ignorant mind, my conditioning, atmosphere, people around and whatever I have heard of.

This was all that I could understand and write vividly about my yesterday's session. I may be limited and the piece may have some flaws and mistakes as it has been penned down in a very crude form.

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