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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Advaita, literally means Non-Duality. Mere saying of it also indicates Duality and ignorance. The world or cosmos appears due to ignorance of its real nature and source. There is no two, there is only and one. The reality, the Truth is, nothing exists. What appears before just appears to appear. It doesn't carry any fundamental basis to it.

The world, cosmos is perceived by the senses and interpreted by the master-sense - Mind. Mind itself has originated due to falsities.

The Self, the Truth which I originally am has no conditions, bondage, responsibilities, duties, relations to any of the World-ic appearances and disappearances. Those are for the mind, not Me.

I am not the mind, I am not the body, I ain't the senses, I ain't the identities, I ain't the clothes; I am the ever-free Self, the Eternal Truth, the Deathless-Unborn Reality, the inexplicable Existence. Attaching these terms and attributes is itself an activity of foolishness. The terms are not a testament of the Truth. Even if it remains under a blanket, it still remains!

We talk of the Witness, but witness of what? There has to be something to be witnessed and someone to witness. In reality, there's neither a subject nor an object. It's the Self which witnesses the Self itself. It is the Reality which witnesses the same Reality, it doesn't witness anything out of itself. There's one and only - the Self, which is forms in all forms, shapes in all shapes, tastes in all tastes, colours in all colours. There can never be anything outside to its realm. The 'realm' in fact is also the Self. The writer-writing-written is also the Self. Out of ignorance and false conditioning I may assume it to be something else and attach any other form-identity to it but the Reality doesn't change.

I may proclaim the Sun to be absent during the night time. However my proclamation doesn't change the Reality that the Sun is never absent, it is Me who's sitting on the other side of hemisphere.

The Truth, the Self is like that; I may proclaim a thousand things and theories but the Reality is not subject to my theories and false comprehensions. It was, It is, It will be - the way IT IS, unconditional.

It is Brahman,

It is,

but it is not;

Beyond being and not it is,

It is,

It still isn't,


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