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Feb, 2023.

If there is happiness in a THING, so anybody having that thing should be happy. This is what rudimentary logic says.

If there is Happiness, Peace, Contentment, Bliss, Wisdom, Liberation, Freedom or Love in any-Thing; then anybody owning or possessing that Thing must also attain all of these virtues.

For example, If all of these virtues exist in money, then anybody having loads of money should also attain each of these virtues.

Or, if these precious virtues exist in fame and popularity; then all the Bollywood celebrities should be truly contented and blissful. However, as truly evident, that is not the case.

I'll explain. Suppose, there is a well filled with water. So, whosoever puts a bucket inside the well and pulls it out, would unambiguously get a bucket filled with water. There won't be a case that somebody gets water, somebody gets an acid, somebody gets an orange juice or somebody gets something else. The only commodity one would get from the well, is undoubtedly going to be water.

Hence, if there is actually water inside that well, it is objectively and unconditionally for everybody, every animal, a Spiritualist or a non-Spiritualist, a poor or a rich, a man or a woman, a child or an adult, a believer or a non-believer.

Conclusively, if there is everlasting Bliss, Freedom, Ecstasy and Excitement in any of the following -






Accolades ; It should objectively be for everybody unbiasedly.

And, if there is even a single person who possesses these entities but still lacks fulfilment and the liberty of virtues; it proves the study.

The seeking of greater fulfilment is what essentially drives every Human.

And the greatest fulfilment lies in Realising the Truth, of your own-self.

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